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Color and form fascinate and intrigue me, that is why I love painting designs with a lot of bends, flips and ruffles. Which usually means I design and paint a lot of florals, but I also love autumn leaves and butterflies. I have spent years developing my style to present realistic designs painted in the simpliest yet most beautiful way possible. Painting with oils and DecoArt So Soft fabric paints are among my favorite mediums. Because I love creating dimension from a simple line drawing I also love pen and ink. I would love to share my passion with you in a class setting, my travel teaching rates are calculated based on the size of the group. Contact me at my e-mail address for more information.

Asiatic Lilies  Asiatic Lilies

Jubilee Junction, my home based art studio, is where I film DVDs and YouTube videos. Learn how to paint a dragonfly, or embellish with glowing autumn leaves. Keep up on the latest by checking out my channel at www.youtube.com/channel/UCOpNxVnlpp9C3pw7L-lDaYg

Exciting news, some of my design packets and DVDs are being offered in French! On www.art-aux-mains-magiques.be. Check out their full line of DecoArt So Soft and Americana Paint.

Looking for trendy home decor pieces? My new line, "Blessings" home deor is just the thing. I chose the name "Blessings" because when you enterain you want to "wish your guests the best."

Fall Blessings

Contact me at jubileejunction@gmail.com. "Like" me on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/koalatyart to see the very latest designs, experiments and chatter. I am also on Pinterest at www.Pinterest.com/koalatyart if that is your preference.

Are you a snowbird? Or are you already blessed to be a resident of sunny Florida? I am not either but I am blessed to be teaching at 2 different chapters February of 2014

On Saturday February 1, 2014 I will be teaching my oil design, Double Lilies. Students will learn how to use a limited palette to paint two stunning lilies that appear quite different yet compliment each other and use identical colors of paint!

Double Lilies

Sunday February 2 we will be painting my fabric design, Shimmering Iris. Students will learn to add DecoArt So Soft Pearl White to their regular So Soft paints to make the Iris shimmer, as well as blending wet into wet paint. This design looks great on a variety of surfaces.

Shimmering Iris

Both seminars are being taught for the Citrus Ridge Decorative Artists. They will be held from 9:00 - 5:00 at the Hampton Inn, 22900 US Highway 27, Lake Wales Florida. Contact Michelle Mueller at sleepyhead32@yahoo.com for more information.

Drive on over to the east coast and paint with me when I teach at the Treasure Coast Decorative Painters of Port St. Lucie, Friday and Saturday February 7 and 8, 2014.

Friday's class entitled "More Pansies" is just that, lots more pansies. When students finish this piece they will have learned a lot about blending wet into wet with fabric paint as well as how to paint realistic pansies with lots of flips and bends.

More Pansies

Saturdays class will be less strenuous as we paint a Coneflower and Monarch on a light value fabric surface. Students will learn an easy way to paint a butterfly and to create a colorful background using watercolor techniques.

Coneflower and Monarch

Ready for more painting adventure this winter? Come to "The Creative Painting Convention" in Las Vegas NV, February 23-28, 2014. Enjoy classes for all skill levels taught by teachers from all over the world.

On Friday afternoon from 1:00 - 4:00 I will be teaching, class #618, my beautiful design "Daisy Bouquet." The class will teach you a fast and easy way to apply patterns to fabric. Students will also learn to blend fabric paint wet into wet to achieve these vibrant glowing colors. The design is painted on a large 21" x 15.5" x 6" canvas tote bag.

Birthday Daisies

For more information go to the Creative Painting website at www.vegaspaint.com